How do I set up my new POS scanner?

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Scanner Setup

NoteThis guide was written using the Zebra DS2278 model scanner. If you have a different brand or model of scanner, the setup is likely similar. Any type of 2D scanner should work. If you have trouble with the setup, please email and we can try to assist


Getting Started

Inside the box you’ll find the scanner, its cradle, a power cable, and a Quick Start Guide.

This scanner can replace the existing scanner at the POS computer. Before you get started, you may want to first remove the existing scanner and set it aside.

The cradle needs to be plugged into the computer at all times, but the scanner itself is wireless. The scanner will need to charge by sitting in the cradle for a short time before it will work wirelessly.

Initial setup

1. Plug the cable into the bottom of the cradle.

  • If you flip the cradle upside down, there is a rectangular cutout for the cable.
  • Plug in the non-USB end that looks like an ethernet cable

2. Plug the USB end of the cable into the POS computer

3. Set the scanner into the cradle and leave it to charge

  • It will need to charge for at least 10-15 minutes before you can pick it up and use it wirelessly. While charging, you can still use the scanner by holding a tag in front of it to scan
  • In between transactions, set the scanner back into the cradle so it stays charged.

Using the scanner

 1. Make sure the scanner is configured correctly

  • Search for "Notepad" to open a text editor

  • Scan any regular tag several times in a row.
    • If nothing happens when you scan, make sure the cradle is plugged in properly. Try setting the scanner back into the cradle and holding a tag in front of it, to see if it will scan in the cradle.

  • IMPORTANT: Make sure each SKU shows up on a different line

  • If all SKUs show up in a row on the same line (like the image with an 'X'), follow the next steps to add an enter key
  • If each SKU is split up on separate lines, you can skip to Step 3

2. Add an enter key

  • Open the Quick Start Guide that came in the box.  (If you don't have it, click to view and print)
  • Find the section titled “Useful Bar Codes
    • If your guide is a booklet, it will be on page 10
    • If your guide is a large folded sheet, it will be at the very top, in the middle
    • If you use the link above, it will be on page 10 - you may need to print that page and scan it
  • Scan the barcode that says “Add Enter Key”. The scanner should beep after you scan.
  • Place the scanner back in the cradle for a few seconds to let it update and save the changes.
  • Go back to your text editor, and scan a few more barcodes. Ensure they are split up onto separate lines.
  • If they still are not, try the steps again and be sure to dock the scanner after you scan “Add Enter Key” 

Note - If you have a different model of scanner, there is likely a similar configuration option. Look in the guide that came with a scanner for a similar "Add Enter Key" barcode to scan.

3. Open DRS, and scan a few SKUs to make sure they register appropriately

  • If it does not register when you ring up an item, repeat Step 2 to scan the "Add an enter key" barcode in your scanner's setup guide

4. Test scanning a driver’s license in ResaleAI

  • Open ResaleAI, and go to the Buy page. Scan a driver’s license anywhere on the screen, and see if it pulls up your information.
  • There may be multiple barcodes on the back of the license. You will scan the more complex barcode that looks similar to a QR code.

  • If it doesn't show up, try using your finger to cover any other barcodes as you scan the right one. If that still doesn't work, try repeating step 2 to add an enter key.
  • You should see a pop-up showing your name that was scanned from the license. Now you can continue checking in the buy!  

5. Finish checking in a buy

  • The first time you scan any ID, you will need to ask the customer for their phone number. This lets you link the ID to an existing customer record if they have sold before, or create a new record if they have not
  • Any time they return in the future, their ID will already be linked to their customer record, which makes check-in much faster for repeat sellers
  • To learn more about how to check in a buy after you scan a license, see this article.

6. Requesting driver's license information

  • All ID information is securely encrypted. If you need ID information for a customer for loss prevention purposes, contact our team and we can send this directly to the store owner!
  • Please email or chat us with your store number and a buy transaction number from when that customer has sold to the store. We will send over any ID information on file for that buy. If you don't have a buy number, you can also send the customer's name and phone number


If you have trouble with the scanner setup, please send a live chat or email and our team can assist

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