What are the benefits of the POS scanner?

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Benefits of the POS scanner

If you are interested in scanning driver's licenses to check in a buy, a 2D scanner at the POS computer can expedite the sign-in process:

  • Scan a driver’s license to collect customer information faster, eliminating the need to manually enter for each buy.
  • Scan the barcode on a buy slip to pull up that buy’s details at any time, whether it’s to add pass reasons, to reference the notes as you present an offer, or to audit a closed buy
  • Scan the barcodes on backstock bins to quickly update multiple bins at once


POS scanner details

Scanning a driver's license requires a 2D scanner, which can scan more complex barcodes such as QR codes. Most stores do not have 2D scanners at their POS computers already, so you would need to purchase one.

  • If you purchase a 2D POS scanner, it can replace your existing scanner at the POS computer. So it can scan driver's licenses, along with regular DRS tags!

A 2D scanner is a quick and easy way to add additional functionality at any POS computer.  Whichever POS you plug the scanner into, you will be able to scan driver's licenses as you check in at that POS. You can start out at just one POS, and could later expand or move the scanner to a different computer.

  • For a high-volume store, you may choose to have a POS scanner at multiple POS computers.

  • You can add a POS scanner easily at any time by ordering on Amazon (links here).


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