I have never used Sign to Sell before. What do I need to know?

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Buy check-in basics

If you are using Sign to Sell for the first time, there are a few things you need to know:

Initial check-in

  • When you check in a buy through ResaleAI, the program will create a new buy in DRS for you. Your team no longer needs to create a buy in DRS manually
  • The customer will receive an initial text message with a link.The customer will tap the link to submit their information from their phone.

    • New customers can enter all missing information, and returning customers can confirm their details and sign your store's buy policy from their phone.
    • If the customer doesn't have their phone, the employee can enter their information on the POS and ask the customer sign with pen and paper. Simply select the "Paper signature" option from within the POS's buy check-in screen.
    • You can also let the customer know they will receive a text message once their buy is complete.

  • A receipt slip (or "buy slip") and bag labels will print out after the buy is checked in.
    • These slips print from your existing receipt printer(s), so you don't need any additional hardware.
    • You won't need to continue using the paper sign-in sheets or paper labels.
    • You will tape the printed labels onto the customer's bags/containers, and you can use the initial receipt as the main "buy slip" for record-keeping.

  • The buy number that displays on the ResaleAI "buy slips" will be the last 3 digits of the DRS buy transaction number.

Managing buys

  • When your buyer is ready to start the next buy, they will refer to the Openbuys in ResaleAI
    • They can see which buy is next in the queue, and find the bags on the shelf with that buy number
    • They will click "Start sorting" to let their team know which buys are in process

  • When they are ready to begin entering, they will switch to DRS and find the buy that already exists
    • In DRS, hit F2 to look at the open buys. Click on the right buy, hit "Edit," and begin entering!
    • If there are two customers with the same name, select the buy with the right transaction number.

  • After they finish entering, they'll go back to ResaleAI to mark the buy as Complete.
    • They can add notes and select their reasons for taking or passing on items. They can also send the customer a text message from within the customer's Buy Details to them know their buy is ready for pickup!
    • After marking the buy "complete," they can see which is the next buy in the queue

  • When a customer picks up their items, the employee can locate the buy under the Complete tab to view the offer and any additional notes about the buy/items.
    • Your team will still go to DRS to cash out the buy, but they can refer to ResaleAI to see the buyer's notes or pass reasons.
    • The buy transaction will automatically drop off the Complete page after it is cashed out or voided in DRS.

Check-In Tips:

  • Scanning a driver's license will be the fastest way to check-in buys,so we recommend trying that even if your store doesn't currently require the customer's ID information to sell.
    • The scan can pull in the customer's name, which reduces the information that has to be entered manually. When they return, you can scan to quickly find them and start a new buy!
    • To purchase a POS scanner that is capable of scanning driver's licenses (a 2D POS Scanner), see this article.

  • Make sure your team doesn't create another buy in DRS out of habit!
    • Let's say a team member checks in a buy through ResaleAI.
      If the team member creates a new buy in DRS too, it will also appear in ResaleAI (and then there will be two buys in ResaleAI for one customer, which can cause confusion).
    • If they accidentally create a new buy, they can void the one they created

  • Be sure to click "Start sorting" as they begin working on a buy, and mark the buys as "complete" once they are finished. This helps make sure that your buy queue is always accurate!
  • If you previously used ResaleAI to text customers when their buy was ready, but never used Sign to Sell to check in:
    • Be aware that buys will now show up as soon as they are checked in (not later after a team member begins entering it). This may take some getting used to, as there will be more buys showing and not all are in-progress yet.


Settings required before you begin:

There are a few other settings you will want to configure when you first get started. The settings aren't in the beta app yet, so you'll need to sign in on app.resaleai.com to adjust the settings in the older version of the program.

DRS initials

you have to map the ResaleAI employee to the DRS employee one time.

If someone tries to check in and they do not have the DRS initials set up, it will cause an error!

  • Go to settings in the existing app, and click buys
  • click link employees to DRS
  • Check to see if all employees have their DRS initials set (on the DRS column)

  • If the DRS initials are missing, click to edit the employee

    • Select their name in the "DRS Initials" dropdown list, then save
    • If their name is not in the list, make sure they have a DRS user account. If so, reach out to our team!

 Prewritten text messages

  • Go to settings in the existing app, and click "Texting" on the sidebar
  • Here you can set up quick text messages to send to customers when their buy is complete
    • We recommend having at least one "Buy Complete" message and a "Reminder" message
    • For examples of prewritten texts, check out this article.


If you have any further questions or issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team by Emailing support@resaleai.com

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