How does the ResaleAI integration with Fivestars work?

Modified on Mon, 05 Feb 2024 at 01:21 PM

ResaleAI integration with Fivestars


How it works

Our integration can award Fivestars points for you when a customer is associated with a transaction.

ResaleAI will search for the customer's phone number in Fivestars. If they have a Fivestars account, the correct number of points will be added automatically. You can configure how many points are awarded in ResaleAI's Settings.

This prevents your team from accidentally awarding an incorrect number of points. Points are always given on the pre-tax total, and are not rounded up.


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For buys, the integration works automatically since there is already a customer associated with a buy.

For sales transactions, you'll attach a customer record in DRS (using the F4 customer lookup menu) so it knows who is making the purchase. The integration will then use their phone number to award the points for you.

Sales transaction example:

Brand new customers

  • Customer signs up for Fivestars for the first time on the Fivestars tablet 
  • In DRS, the employee uses the F4 menu to attach the customer record to the transaction (or adds customer to DRS if not already there)

Returning customers

  • Employee looks up the customer in the DRS F4 menu, and attaches to the transaction
  • That's it!

Currently, our integration cannot redeem rewards, or create customer accounts in Fivestars. 

A customer must have a Fivestars account for points to be awarded. If they are new, they can sign up on the Fivestars tablet at any point that day and the points will still be processed through ResaleAI.

When a customer wants to use a reward, your employee will open the Fivestars app on the POS to mark the reward redeemed, and apply any discounts in DRS normally (nothing handled through ResaleAI).


Tips & Notes

  • Be sure employees search for the customer in DRS by phone number rather than name. (Use the arrow keys at the POS to change the sort to search by phone.)
  • If the employee adds points manually in Fivestars and attaches the customer record, the customer will get points twice. Be sure employees don't do both!
  • Usually points will go through very quickly, within a few minutes. Occasionally there may be a slight delay if there are lots of things processing on the back end, but points will always be awarded by the end of the day
  • There is a setting in DRS to require a customer record for every transaction, which you can enable if desired. Then employees have to add a customer every time. (You'll use a "No Name" customer record for any customers who don't have Fivestars and don't want to give their info)


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