Fivestars Auto-Points Training

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Five Star Integration Employee Training 

New Five Stars Member

Employee: Hey there, are you a Five Stars reward member with us?

Customer: No.

Employee: Okay, well it’s totally free if you would like to sign up! With this rewards program, we give you points for every $10 you spend and once you hit 25 points you receive 20% off your entire transaction! (depends on what you set up for auto points in admin settings; this is customizable)

We will also text you when we have awesome sales and promotions going on so you can always be in the loop!

Please enter your number on the tablet in order to sign up.

Customer: [enters the number into fivestar tablet]

Employee: You are now going to get a text from Fivestars to confirm that is your number, make sure you respond "Y" to that message to confirm it's you.

Employee: Before or after you ring up their items hit F4 then search for the existing customer by phone number (click the right arrow key (➡️) to look up a customer by phone number 

If the customer is not listed, then hit ESC.

  • After hitting ESC hit enter and start adding the customer Info 
  • Last name 
  • First Name 
  • Phone Number
  • Select N or Y for a mailing address (depending on if your store sends emails out)

  • Once you capture this information and its correct  

  • Press Control + End to save 

This will bring you back to the itemized screen and you will see the customer info listed at the top. This indicates that you have successfully attached the customer to the transaction. Their Five Stars points will automatically be added at the end of the night.

Existing Five Stars Members


If a customer is already a Five Stars rewards member then they do not need to enter their number into the tablet every time they visit. Unless they would like to see how many points/ rewards they have on their account, in that case, they would need to enter the number on the tablet.

Employee: Hey there are you a Five Stars reward member with us?

Customer: Yes. 

Employee: Great! I’ll make sure to attach your name so you will get your points!

If you think you have some rewards to redeem today please enter your phone number on the tablet.

What’s your phone number?

Then confirm with their last name once you look up the number and it matches up in DRS.


Follow up with normal check-out procedures. :)

There are a lot of benefits when you attach the customer record to every single transaction:

  • We can automatically allow RAI to add the Five Stars points at the end of the night.
  • You can keep track of how much the customer is spending.
  • In case of theft, you now have their name and phone number.
  • It creates a sense of familiarity between employees and customers.
  • More cost-effective because you are not paying for physical stamp cards.
  • In case of questionable transactions, transactions can now be found on Day Close by name.
  • In the case of customers claiming to have not received points, you can now directly see on Day Close who is and is not attaching names

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