Loyalty Assist Fivestars Integration: Overview

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ResaleAI’s Loyalty Assist

ResaleAI’s Loyalty Assist function links the Fivestars loyalty program with DRS. Loyalty Assist simplifies the way points are awarded to a customer for a transaction.
The store owner decides in advance what dollar amount of sales is equal to a Fivestars point. The store owner also decides what dollar amount of buys is equal to a Fivestars point. The store owner can create information tags to be attached to a customer’s Fivestars account. The information tags will show up on the customer's Fivestars account when the customer purchased merchandise, sold merchandise, or both.

When you use Loyalty Assist, points are added automatically to the customer's Fivestars account. The sales associate will attach the DRS customer record to the transaction. The DRS customer record needs to have the customer name and phone number. ResaleAI uses the mobile phone number from the DRS customer record to identify the customer to Fivestars. Then, ResaleAI awards the appropriate points and sets the appropriate information tags. No action is required by the Sales Associate to calculate or award points (other than attaching the customer record in DRS).

ResaleAI matches Fivestars customer records with DRS customer records using the mobile number. In the DRS record, the mobile phone number may be the Customer Code or the phone number. If the mobile number is the Customer Code, then the phone number must be blank. It is important to confirm the phone number with the customer at the time of the transaction.

Currently, Loyalty Assist cannot be used for the redemption of points. Loyalty Assist cannot be used to award points without a sale or buy transaction. The Fivstars app must be used to redeem points or to award points when there is no sale or buy transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Loyalty Assist work with any other loyalty programs other than Fivestars?

No. Currently, Loyalty Assist only works with Fivestars. ResaleAI will explore integrating with any group that Winmark names a Preferred Vendor.

Can I use Loyalty Assist to award more points than the number appropriate for a transaction? If I want to give extra points to a disappointed customer? Or if I want to convert a customer’s old stamp card to FiveStars points.

Loyalty Assist can only award points based on the dollar amount of a transaction. Anytime you want to add points ad hoc, you must use the Fivestars app.

What happens if Loyalty Assist adds points for a transaction, but the Sales Associate also adds points from the Fivestars interface?

The customer will receive all points added from Loyalty Assist AND all points added from the Fivestars interface. It is important to fully train staff before starting to use Loyalty Assist

Can my staff stop using the Fivestars app when we start using Loyalty Assist?

No. You still need the FiveStars app to redeem points.
With Loyalty Assist, the Fivestars app is not needed to award standard points for transactions. If you award points for other reasons, like converting stamp cards, you will need to use the Fivestars app.

How quickly are the points awarded to the Fivestars account after the transactions?

The points are sent to Fivestars a few times a day, and that can be at night. This runs as a background process so the timing is a lower priority than say texting or processing buys. We advise stores to tell customers they will receive the points nightly to avoid any issues.


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