Help! I'm having trouble checking in or completing a buy

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Buy troubleshooting

Below is information to help with issues scanning a driver's license, finishing check-in, and completing an existing buy.


Scanning a driver’s license

  • Hold down the scanner trigger, and make sure the red laser hits the barcode on the back of the ID 
    • You may need to move the ID forward or back to get the right angle
    • Make sure you scan the more complex barcode that looks like a QR code
    • If there are multiple barcodes, you may need to cover the standard one with your hand to make sure the scanner get the more complex one

  • Currently only driver’s licenses are compatible. Another government-issued ID may work, but other types of ID (like a school ID) will not
  • If you are using a POS scanner: Check this article to make sure your scanner is set up correctly. 


Checking in a new buy

  1. Be sure the employee checking in has their DRS initials set in RAI
  • On a POS, you can see the initials by their name on the Team list. On a Flex, you can see the initials beside their name on the lock screen before they enter their PIN.  

  • If the DRS initials are missing, you can have another employee log in with their PIN to complete check-in right then

  • To add the missing DRS initials, have a manager log in at
    • click on the team tab
    • Click to edit the right employee. Find their name in the "DRS initials" dropdown list and save
    • Refresh the app on the POS computer and that employee can now check-in

  • Be sure you have all the required information

  • Number and description of containers
  • Signature (or Paper Signature selection)
  • Driver’s license, if required at your store - You may be required to verify the last 4 digits of the ID if you did not scan the license

  • Close the buy, then click to open it from the Pending screen and try again

  • Close the full ResaleAI app, and open it again

  • Try a test print to confirm that the receipt printer is working correctly

  • On a POS: Right-click the top bar of the ResaleAI application, and you should see a menu. Click “About” then click “Print”
  • On a Flex: Click the top menu and select “About ResaleAI”, then “Print test page”

  • Be sure the internet connection is working correctly 

  • Open a browser like Chrome and test a website to be sure it loads
  • If there are any issues with your internet connection, the ResaleAI app will not work until it is connected to the internet again


Completing a buy

  1. Click “Start Sorting” if no sorter is marked
  2. Be sure to select at least one pass or take reason
  3. Click “Edit” from the top menu, and make sure no information is missing or invalid
  • Containers - Number and description of containers is required
  • Driver’s license - License number required (if setting is enabled)

  • Name - Must have first and last name, no special characters like * # %

  • Email - Check that the email address has an "@" symbol and ends in ".com" or something similar

  • Be sure the internet connection is working correctly (ResaleAI will not work without an internet connection. Please try again after reconnected)

  • If you are still unable to mark the buy as complete, reach out to our team. 

  • In the meantime, you can click the “Messaging” tab to send the customer a text message that their buy is complete
  • The buy will drop off of the Open buy page after it is closed or voided in DRS.


If you continue to have issues, please send our team a chat on a POS or email us at to create a ticket

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