Help! DRS is not syncing with ResaleAI!

Modified on Wed, 03 Apr 2024 at 03:26 PM

How do I know whether or not DRS is syncing with ResaleAI?

There can be several symptoms that ResaleAI is not receiving real-time updates. Some of these are:

  • Your real-time sales and buys are not showing up on the Day Book page.
  • DRS is not showing newly-opened buys on the Buys screen.
  • Clicking the DRS Integration button on the Settings page shows that DRS has not updated in the last few minutes.
  • You cannot hit "check in" on Sign to Sell check-in screen.
  • You are receiving a disconnect error.

Follow the troubleshooting steps below to try resolving the problem!


1.  Is there an orange ResaleAI Sync icon in the Windows System Tray on the bottom right of the screen?

  • NO, the orange ResaleAI Sync icon is not in the system tray.  Go to Step 3 below.

  • YES, the orange ResaleAI Sync icon is in the system tray. Click the icon.
    If clicking the icon displays a menu, go to 1a.  
    If clicking the icon opens a ResaleAI Browser, go to 1b.


  • On the small pop-up menu, click Pause Sync.  When a small confirmation window appears, close it.
  • Click the icon again and choose Resume Sync.  When the small confirmation window appears, close it.
  • Within a couple of minutes, you should see that DRS is connected by looking at the message at the bottom of the BUYS screen. If you don't see that DRS has connected, click the support button and let us know. We will help you.


  • Log out of Windows; then log back on.  ResaleAI Sync should start automatically.  
  • Check the bottom of the ResaleAI BUYS screen to see that DRS has updated within the last few minutes.  

  • If it DRS hasn't started updating, go to step 1.

2. Check the software version of ResaleAI POS

Important Note:

  • If your POS computers are on Windows XP, the highest version of ResaleAI that you can be on is ResaleAI 2.5.5
  • If your POS computers are on Windows 7 or Windows 10, you should be on the highest version of ResaleAI, which, as of right now, starts with 23.11
  • Not sure if your POS's are on Windows XP or Windows 7 and above? Check out this help center article. 



  • In the top left corner of your ResaleAI POS browser, you should see which software version of ResaleAI is currently installed.
  • Make sure that you see the latest version of ResaleAI; the first few numbers of this software version are "24.1"
  • If the first few numbers are not 24.1, you'll need to update to the newest version of ResaleAI. Click the link for Instructions: How to update ResaleAI to the newest software version (23.11)


  • If the version number is not displaying on the top left of the ResaleAI POS browser (shown in 2a) you can right-click over the ResaleAI Sync icon in the bottom right of your Windows System Tray.
  • Once you right-click, a pop-up menu should appear; the top of this pop-up menu should display the version number. 


3.  Click the Windows Start button, then click All Programs.  Do you see the ResaleAI folder?

  • YES, the ResaleAI folder is there.  Put your mouse over the ResaleAI folder and click the ResaleAI Sync icon.  If a dialog box asks you if you want to update, choose YES.  The newest version of ResaleAI will install and start syncing.  If you have problems, click the support button and let us know.  We will help you!

  • NO, the ResaleAI folder is not there.  You'll need to install ResaleAI



If you have any further questions or issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team by Emailing

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