About QR Code Check-In and How to Set it Up

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What are the benefits?

  • Rather than texting customers a link to the check-in form, you can have a QR code at the cashwrap, and customers can scan to go directly to the form!
  • This reduces the need for texting, if you have had any trouble with cell service or text message delivery
  • If you have a long line of customers waiting to check-in, they can scan the QR code and submit their basic information while they wait 
  • Your employees don't have to wait on the customer to receive the text and fill out the form, so they can finalize check-in faster
  • Employees still receive the customer's bags and can provide other information face-to-face if needed, but it should save time waiting for the customer to type in their details

Get your store's QR code

1) Generate the QR code

  • Open the ResaleAI app at the POS computer (or, go to team.resaleai.com from a laptop/phone)
  • Click the menu dots in the top-right corner, and choose "All settings"

  • If you can't click on "All settings", make sure you are signed in with manager access
  • At the POS, you may need to tap the "lock" icon ? first to enter your PIN, then go to "All settings" once you're signed in
  • If you have trouble, send our team a live chat or email support@resaleai.com

  • Within settings, click on "Buys"

  • In buy settings, click the section "Generate QR code" and put in your email address. It will email you the QR code shortly

2) Put signage at the cashwrap

  • Print out your QR code, and place it somewhere noticeable near your buy counter!
  • If you are usually backed up with checkins, you may want more than one copy to put multiple places. 


Train your team

  • The customer will start by scanning the QR code. It takes them to the check-in form for your store

  • The form looks a little different (it no longer has the spinning "checked in" step that could be confusing before)

  • The customer will enter their phone number, name, email, and sign your buy policy as they did before.

  • After they submit, they're prompted to speak with an employee to drop their bags and complete check-in


  • At the POS, the employee will go to the "Pending" section on the Buy page. They can click on the pending buy for that customer to finalize check in.

  • If there is a long line of customers, the customers can all submit their basic details as they wait from the QR code. Your employee will take the next customer in line, ask their name, and find that name on the Pending tab to complete check in.

  • When the employee clicks on the Pending buy, they'll see the initial customer search page. Basically, it's searching for the customer's phone number to see if they are already in DRS. You will need to choose which DRS customer to use and click "Next" to move forward

  • After you click "Next", you'll see the customer's name and signature they submitted from their phone. Your team member will put in the bag details, scan the ID if necessary, and click "Check in" to finish


More details:

  • If you require an ID for every customer, you can still scan their ID! From the pending buy, click "Next" to get to the main form, then scan the ID while on that section. It will save the ID info for their buy.

  • There is a new option to require an email address for all customers. Click on "All settings", then go to "Buys" within settings, and choose the "Adjust customer requirements" section.


If you have trouble generating the QR code or have feedback, don't hesitate to email support@resaleai.com.


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