Gift Card Bounceback training

Modified on Thu, 11 Apr 2024 at 04:08 PM

During the holidays a lot of stores prefer to do a Bounceback campaign for a Gift Card promotion.

  • For Example: Buy a $50 gift card for a friend and get $10 off for yourself in January

if your store is interested in doing one of these campaigns you can utilize ResaleAI to log your Bouncebacks and take advantage of our reminder texts to get those shoppers to come back after the holidays!


ResaleAI is not capable of identifying if a customer purchased a gift card or not so you'll need to enter the bounceback information manually into ResaleAI, and then print the coupon to hand to the customer.

By using ResaleAI's Bounceback coupons not only are you keeping track of how many bounceback coupons you gave out and compare to your redemption rates, but you are able to send reminder texts towards the end of the redemption period. 

You will want to train your staff on how to register these Bounceback coupons for customers who bought a gift card. This is how the process should go. 

 How to ring up

Customer comes to counter to check out, do check out like normal if they have merchandise in addition to wanting to purchase a gift card. 

  • Attach Customer Information in DRS using F4, make sure name and phone number are included
  • Use F5 to charge a gift card sale
  • Grab the gift card that you are going to activate for the customer 
  • Complete the transaction normally through F10
  • Minimize DRS, navigate to ResaleAI
  • Navigate to Bounceback tab 
  • Hit "New Bounceback" and enter the following information (the employee can copy this information into ResaleAI from the receipt)

    • Customer Name 
    • Email Address 
    • Phone Number 
    • Transaction ID off of Receipt 
    • Bounceback # 
      • Locate the gift card that will be activated, flip it over
      • On the back of the card should be a Card Reference #
      • The last 8 digits of the "Card Ref #" will become the Bounceback #
        • Example: Card Ref # 0000-0000-0123-4567
        • Enter into Bounceback #: 01234567

  • Hit: "Create New Bounceback Log" 
  • Hit the Print Icon next to the newly created Bounceback log 
  • Bounceback coupon will print from receipt printer
  • Hand Bounceback to Customer along with transaction receipt 
  • Activate Gift Card like normal 
  • Hand Gift Card with holder and activation receipt to Customer


If you have any further questions you can search our other articles in the Help Center or you can always reach out to us on Customer Support Chat! 



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