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During the holidays a lot of stores prefer to do a Bounceback campaign, which is a great "spend now and save later" deal for your customers.

  • For Example: Spend $60 in December and get $20 off of a $40 purchase in January

If your store is interested in doing one of these campaigns you can utilize ResaleAI to log your Bouncebacks and take advantage of our reminder texts to get those shoppers to come back after the holidays!

ResaleAI is capable of tracking how much a customer spends in a single transaction before tax.

  • If a customer who is checking out hits the "spend" threshold (example: $60 before tax), ResaleAI will automatically print off a Bounceback coupon from the receipt printer directly after the normal transaction receipt is done printing.
  • By using ResaleAI's Bounceback coupons you are eliminating the need to order expensive Bounceback coupons on paper or card stock.
  • In addition, not only are we able to help you keep track of how many bounceback coupons you gave out and compare to your redemption rates, but we will send reminder texts towards the end of the redemption period to the customers who still haven't redeem their coupons.
  • In the scenario that a customer has lost their coupon when they come back to redeem, that's not a problem, the employee can search in ResaleAI by customer name or phone number to redeem! 

You will want to train your staff on how to administer the Bounceback coupons prior to the start of your "earn" period. This is how the process should go:

  1. Customer comes to counter to check out, do check out like normal. Feel free to elaborate on how the coupon works and let them know when they can come back to redeem.
  2. If the transaction is close to the "spend" threshold this is a great opportunity for your staff to upsell and increase average transaction. For example: "You're only $5 away from getting that $20 off coupon, did you want to grab something else to add onto your purchase?" 

  • Employee will need to attach Customer Information in DRS using F4, make sure name and phone number are included
  • Complete transaction like normal
  • Transaction receipt will print from receipt printer, the bounceback coupon will print next 
  • Hand regular receipt to customer, hand bounceback coupon to customer 

That is all! It is super easy to use! 

If you have any further questions, feel free to check out our other articles in the help center, if you don't find what you are looking for you can always reach out over Customer Support chat


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