Quickbooks Online integration: Step by Step instructions

Modified on Fri, 02 Feb 2024 at 04:16 PM

Follow the steps below to integrate your Quickbooks Online account with ResaleAI using our Bookkeeping Assist feature. 



1) Connect your Quickbooks account in settings

  • Sign in at team.resaleai.com with an owner or manager account (this will require a desktop or laptop computer, rather than a phone)
  • Click the dots in the upper right hand corner and click "ALL Settings"
  • Scroll down to find "Automations" Then Click Quickbooks


  • Click "Quickbooks Online" then "connect"
  • A Quickbooks Online login window will appear

  • Sign in with your QB credentials to Login and Authorize. (Note - if you do not see a QBO window appear, you may need to adjust your browser's pop-up blocking settings, or try again from a different browser)
  • Click "Connect"
  • Return to the main ResaleAI settings page. If you click the Quickbooks then connect, you will se a dropdown menu appear. Click on your account.

  • Click Save


2) Map the journal entry templates to accounts from your Chart of Accounts

  • Once you have connected a Quickbooks account, You will be able to set up your Journal Entries. 

  • Multi-store owners: If you use different QB classes for each of your stores, click ‘Yes I use classes’, then choose the appropriate class for your store from the dropdown. Be sure you see the correct store name in the top right corner before you proceed.

  • Click "Next" to review the BUYS journal entry. For each line item in the template, choose the right account from your Chart of Accounts.


  • After you select an account for every item in the BUYS journal entry, click ‘save’ to map the COGS Journal Entry, then continue to the SALES journal entry

  • Note - If you leave any lines blank in the templates, it can hit an error when it tries to create and post the journal entries. Please select an account for every line item

  • On the Review tab, click any date on the calendar to review the journal entries for that day.  If the entries for that day have not been sent to QB, you can click the  'Send to Quickbooks' button to send that day’s journal entries.  This is a great way to be sure the Journal Entries are working as you want before you automate them.

  • When you are comfortable that the journal entries are working as you want, choose the date that you want to start automatic updates and click Automate. You can choose a past date to start the automation, and it will process days since then.

  • You're done! Each morning, ResaleAI's Bookkeeping Assist should create and post your journal entries automatically

  • Multi-store owners: To avoid issues, please do NOT change stores while on the Automations page. After you complete the mapping for the first store, return to the main "Account settings" page. Then switch to the next store from the main settings page, and go to the "automations" page after you are on the desired store

Common questions

Can I start the automation from a past date?

Yes! Go to the automations page in the settings menu. Click to the "Review" tab, and look for the automation date listed below the calendar.

If needed, you can click "Deactivate", then choose a new automation date.

The next time the automation runs, it will process all days since that date. It is fine to choose a date in the past. The integration runs once per day in the morning, so if you adjust in the afternoon, you may not see the journal entries appear until the next day.

Why can't I select the desired account?

There are some items that require a particular type of account.

For example, Coupons needs to be a liability account. (This is a common question, and seems strange. But in DRS, coupons are a type of tender collected for a sale. When the coupon button is used, the customer will pay sales tax and the franchisee will pay royalties on that amount. It is similar to "Plato's Cash" given out to customers to be redeemed later for product. When those are handed out, they are a liability that should be on the books, and when they are redeemed, it reduces the outstanding liability)

If you have questions about other accounts, please email support@resaleai.com 


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