8/11/23: Update about text message delivery

Modified on Fri, 12 Apr 2024 at 02:20 PM

Note: This only applies to US stores. Canadian stores should not be experiencing texting issues and don't currently require the same registration

Important updates

Recent issues with texts being blocked

  • We've seen an increase in cell carriers blocking text messages. This is not related to any ResaleAI update - it is due to newer regulations for all businesses sending texts to customers
  • Businesses are now required to register their phone number sending texts. We're handling this for you, but it has required switching from a local number to a toll-free numbers (area codes like 800, 866, 855) 

Toll-free numbers

  • As of Aug 11th, all phone numbers used to send text messages have been changed to toll-free numbers for US stores. Our team has also submitted the required registration for all toll-free numbers 
  • You should see immediate improvement to text message delivery. If you continue to see texts get blocked, please send us a chat or email support@resaleai.com

Finding your new store's new texting number

  • You should've received an email with your new texting number!
  • You can also find your store's texting number within settings:
    • Signing in at team.resaleai.com
    • Go to "All settings" in the top-right corner
    • Choose "Texting" within settings

How this change will impact you

  • This does not impact your in-store phone. If a customer receives a text from the new toll-free number and tries to call that number, it will still route to your primary store phone, and your team can take the call
  • If you advertised the previous texting phone number anywhere, be sure to update with your store's new texting number (i.e., in-store signage or social media posts telling customers to text the store)
  • If customers try to text/call an old text thread that was sent by the previous texting number, this will not go through. But if you send them a new text, it should not have any issues. You may want to send an additional reminder text to any active buys, so they don't try to reply to an older message.


Our team has heard many reports of issues with texting, and we've been taking action.

Text messages have been increasingly blocked by cell carriers - it is unrelated to any ResaleAI update.

There are newer regulations for all businesses sending text messages to customers in the US. The rules are designed to protect consumers from spam or scam text messages. They require businesses to register their phone number, basic information, reason for texting customers, and explain how customers opt-in to receive messages.

If a phone number is not registered, US cell carriers are blocking more and more texts. 

Our team has been working to submit this registration for all stores, so texts won't continue to be blocked. 

Typically, we purchase a local number with a similar area code to your main store phone that is used to send text messages. 

However, the registration process for local numbers is more complicated (requiring your EIN) and is significantly delayed. We can submit the registration, but it may take weeks or even months to get approved, and texts will continue to be blocked during that time.

As a workaround, we are moving to toll-free numbers with an area code like 800, 866, 855, etc.

You will send text messages the exact same way, and if a customer calls this number, it will still route to your store's main store phone. Most customers will not notice a difference.

The registration for toll-free numbers is less complicated, and as soon as the toll-free registration is submitted, we receive a "Pending" status and messages will still go through while we wait for it to be approved.

As mentioned above, we have already moved stores to a new toll-free number, and have submitted the toll-free registration for everyone. We have been monitoring text messages, and have seen normal delivery since that change.

Thank you for your patience as we've been working through this process. The good news is the registration shows cell carriers that you are not sending spam messages, so you should see even better delivery now than ever before.


For any questions or further information, please reach out to support@resaleai.com


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