Event prep: Boost events with bounceback coupons

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All about bounceback coupons?

Bounceback coupons are a great way to enhance any event!

It’s called a "bounceback" because the customer earns a coupon now that they can use later (i.e. "Spend $50 in August, get $10 off in September")

Bounceback campaigns have a two-part goal:

  1. Boost your average transaction during an already busy time
  2. Draw customers back in during a slower time

ResaleAI can automatically print and track coupons for customers for qualifying purchases to make these campaigns easier to manage. 

You specify the coupon details, the dates when coupons valid, and how much a customer has to spend to earn a coupon.

Once you set up a campaign, coupons will print out automatically after a customer spends the right amount.

Creating a new campaign 

You can quickly set up a bounceback campaign any time. 

  • Click the menu dots in the top-right corner and choose "All settings" (You may need to enter a manager PIN to access settings)
  • Within settings, choose "Bounceback" and click "Create new campaign"

  • Fill out the required details, and save!
  • You can also view past campaigns to see what you did at this same time last year. 

Not sure what criteria to choose? ?

Earning spend

You choose how much a customer must spend in order to earn a coupon.

We recommend setting this to be a little higher than your expected average transaction.

Since your event will typically have higher foot traffic already, this helps you boost the average transaction by enticing each person to spend a little more to earn a coupon.

Coupon value  

For the coupon value, make sure the dollar amount is enough to be enticing. 

You also set a minimum spend when customers can redeem the coupon, so you can limit how much it can impact your margins.

For example, a coupon of “$10 off $30” is at most a 30% discount (and if their purchase ends up a little over $30, it’s even less than that).

Multiple coupons

By default, customers get an additional coupon if they spend enough. 

For example, if a customer must spend $50 to earn a coupon, they’d get two coupons for spending $100. 

You can disable this so it only prints one coupon per transaction, but most stores allow it to avoid customers splitting large purchases into several transactions.

Most common coupons

Some of the most common coupons we see for higher value events are:

  • Spend $50, get $10 off $30
  • Spend $75, get $20 off $60

However, if your main goal boosting foot traffic later, rather than increasing sales now, you could do a smaller earning threshold instead

  • Spend $5 or more, get $5 off $25

For that scenario, you might choose to give only one coupon per transaction since you’ll be giving a coupon to almost all guests. 

But this can be useful for a Grand Opening event to encourage repeat customers.

Earning and redemption time periods

Choose a time to earn coupons that will have higher foot traffic

Choose a time to redeem coupons that will be slightly slower, to draw back customers - but we recommend redeeming within one or two weeks after the coupon earning period, so customers don't forget

For busier seasons, such as Back to School or Black Friday, you may have longer-running campaigns. 

  • Example: earn a coupon during the entire month of August, and redeem during the month of September.

For a single-day event, like a themed drop, you could add a coupon for that day only.

The redemption period could be a week later, on slower weekdays.

  • Example: earn a coupon this Saturday, and redeem next week! (with dates from a Monday to a Thursday)

Communication is key

To be effective at boosting your average transaction, it is critical for customers to hear about the offer while they're still shopping.

Set a goal for your team for customers to hear about the promotion 3 times before they get to the register:

  • As they walk in the door
  • At least once more as they shop
  • At the fitting rooms.

You team can communicate the promotion to customers like this: 

“For every $50 you spend now, you’ll earn $20 off to use next month!”

Bounceback coupons are a great opportunity for your team to upsell! At the register, can say something like: 

You’re $5 away from earning a coupon for next month! Is there anything else you’re interested in? I can hold this while you look around. We just got in some cute hair accessories around $5!

A few more tips 

  • During the campaign, you can review the Bounceback report to see how many coupons have been earned or redeemed.

  • Use the F4 menu to attach a customer as you ring up the purchase in DRS to log the coupon to that customer. Then the customer will get a text message reminder before the coupon expires, and you can look up their coupon if they lose the paper slip.

  • Make sure ResaleAI is installed and running at every POS to ensure ResaleAI can "see" transactions at each register as they happen to print the coupons.

  • Create signage to put up in-store to promote the coupon. Post a note on the Daybook for your team so they’re reminded to tell customers about the promotion

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