How to Connect Homebase to ResaleAI

Modified on Sun, 12 Nov 2023 at 11:55 AM

Below are a few things to know about how the Homebase integration works, and how to connect it.


What the integration does now:


  • When you create a new employee in Homebase, it will create them in ResaleAI automatically (so you don't need to add new employees in ResaleAI separately)


  • The daily schedule will show up on the right side of the Daybook in ResaleAI


  • Employees can clock in and out within ResaleAI, and it will send timeclock punches to Homebase
    • There will be a clock icon that says "Timesheet" above the schedule. Employees will enter their PIN there to clock in and out. Note: the timesheet only shows up in the main ResaleAI app at the POS, not in a browser
    • See video here about clocking in and out (video says WIW, but the clock-in works the same way as Homebase in the new version)
    • If multiple employees need to clock in at once - After the first person clocks in, they'll have an option to "Exit" rather than keep working. That signs them out, so the next person can clock in. If they choose to keep working, the next employee may need to click the "Lock" icon in the top-right to sign the previous person out before they can clock in.
    • Once employees are clocked in, they will have an option to "Take a break" in addition to clocking out. Breaks will show up in Homebase so it's easier to review their shift, and it doesn't record the time punches as two separate shifts.


Note: For breaks, we currently only support one break type - either paid or unpaid, depending on what you have set up in the Homebase settings.

I would recommend having only one option for breaks configured so you know that is the break type it will use. Most stores will probably want to track an unpaid break. (In the Homebase settings, it's under "Breaks and Compliance" in the Time Tracking section)


A few things that are coming soon:

  • Soon the schedule in RAI will show shift notes, if you added a note on the shift in Homebase
  • Soon the schedule in RAI will show a status indicator, so you can tell at a glance which employees are clocked in (blue dot) or on break (orange dot)
  • Soon you will see labor metrics on the Weekly and Monthly reports - we are working on adding these to the reports now
  • Right now, there is no way for us to send sales goals to the Homebase scheduler (like we could with When I Work). We have asked the Homebase team to add this to their API, and can hopefully do so in the future


Steps to connect Homebase:


1) Get the API key from Homebase

  • Fill out this form to request an API key from the Homebase team
  • Once they have enabled API access for you, get the API key from the Homebase settings
  • Sign in to Homebase, go to Settings, then go to "API access"
  • Copy the API key there (you shouldn't need the Location UUIDs, as it will pull in the locations automatically in the next step)


2) Enter the API key in ResaleAI

  • Sign in to
  • Go to "All settings" in the top-right corner
  • Go to "Automations" in settings
  • Find Homebase and click get started
  • Enter the API key to connect your account
  • Choose the correct schedule to use for that store

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