Event prep: Advanced planning with notes and tasks

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Planning for events with notes and tasks

Events have many moving parts. It's critical to clearly communicate in-store promotions with your team, and to assign tasks in advance with due dates, so so everyone stays on the same page and nothing falls through the cracks.

Add tasks or notes to a future day in advance

  • In ResaleAI, click "Today" on the Daybook and choose any future date to jump forward to that day

  • While viewing that day, add any notes or tasks that are relevant. Those tasks won't show up until then.

  • This helps your team know exactly what needs to be done as soon as they arrive that day. You can plan in advance, but it will be clear what day it needs to get done.

  • If you've been using ResaleAI for a while, you can also go back to the same time period from last year, and review your notes and tasks on those past event days as a reminder of what you did to prepare.


Adjust the date range for notes

  • As you add a note, you can adjust the dates for that note to display

  • This way you can make sure the announcement to your team shows up only the days that it is relevant

  • Examples
    • Add notes for each phase of the clearance cycle, so your team knows when 50% off or 70% off is going on
    • Have a note show throughout your entire bounceback campaign, so your team remembers to tell customers about the coupon
    • Remind your team to hold back the right items in backstock that you're holding back for an event, and have this note show until the event date


Add a due date or due time to tasks

  • Click the "+" button in the bottom right corner of the Daybook to add a task. You will see options to add a due date or due time


  • Due dates can help your team prioritize effectively when there are many tasks on the "Today's tasks" list, so they know which are most important to do today.

  • Leftover tasks will roll over to the next day, so nothing is missed

  • Overdue tasks show up as red, so it's a good reminder for your team if they get behind

  • Due times can be more helpful for recurring tasks that happen every day, like opening tasks or hourly sales floor checks that need to happen throughout the day.

Manager-only content

  • Check the "Manager only" box on any task or note to restrict it to your managers

  • When a manager enters their PIN to take an action, they'll see the manager-only content

  • This can be helpful for tasks that only your manager can do, so it won't show up to the entire team or cause confusion

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