How are labor percentage and labor efficiency calculated in the weekly summary?

Modified on Mon, 05 Feb 2024 at 01:27 PM

The ResaleAI and When I Work integration allows employees to clock in and out on ResaleAI daybook. 

This allows us to capture that data of the hours worked and add it into the Weekly Summary Report. 

The labor % is calculated by the sales divided by the labor hours. 

Labor % can be off because the wages in When I Work are not necessarily the true wages. This is because most wage information is most accurate with your payroll service, and often not up to date on When I Work. Additionally, salaried employees don't have an hourly rate. So, the wages we capture are always an estimate at best. But, we do have the data for the number of hours worked.


Therefore, taking the sales and dividing it by the hours worked gives a really good measure of how efficient the team in the store is. So, sales divided by the hours worked= Labor Efficiency.

Sales/hours worked= labor %.




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